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Latihan Soal Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SMP / MTs Kelas 7

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SMP / MTs Kelas 7

Mulai Latihan :

You help someone with a heavy bag. They say ”thank you” and you reply ….

a. No thanks

b. You’re welcome

c. I appreciate it

d. I am grateful

e. You blame me

Faiz : Well Aji, I think we have to go now, the movie is started to play.

Aji : Oh okay, (4)………………………

Faiz : See you.

a. Where are you going?

b. See you later.

c. How are you?

d. Nice to meet you.

e. How are you?

Ranti : I’m sorry, I broke your ruler.

Angga : ….

a. Thank you

b. Never mind

c. Please excuse me

d. You are welcome

e. Good bye

Nadia : “I am very tired.”
Nora : ………….

a. Why are you taking a rest for a while ?

b. Take a rest for a while !

c. Taking a rets for a while !

d. Don’t taking a rest ffor a while !

e. Let’s go!

Angga : Ouch, you hurt me!
Budi : …

a. I’m sorry

b. Thank you

c. Good afternoon

d. Hello

e. How are you?

I … busy last night.

a. Is

b. Am

c. Are

d. Was

e. Were

X : Hi, I bought some cookies for you.

Y : …

a. Thanks very much

b. I’m really sorry

c. How are you

d. I did

e. I apologize for it.

gothe libraryto borrowWesomebooksto

1             2                   3            4        5            6         7

The arrangement of the jumbled words above is ____

a.       4 – 2 – 1 – 7 – 3 – 5 – 6

b.      3 – 5 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 2 – 7

c.       4 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 6

d.      4 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 5 – 6

e.       4 – 3 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 1 – 7

Budi … watching TV when somebody knocked the door yesterday.

a. Is

b. Am

c. Are

d. Was

e. Were

Faiz : Hello Aji, Good Afternoon.

Aji : Good Afternoon, Faiz (1)……………………..?

Faiz : I’m fine thank you and how about you?

a. nice to meet you

b. where are you?

c. How are you?

d. glad to see you

e. how is your mother?

…… disturbing him ! He is finishing his homework.

a. Stop

b. Stopped

c. Don’t

d. You don’t

e. doesn’t

Ester : I’m Ester. How do you do?

Fitri : ………….. I’m Fitriyani Maida.

a. Are you ok?

b. How are you?

c. How do you do.

d. I am fine.

e. Good morning.

Faiz : Oh, this is my friend, Rizki.

Aji : Hello Rizki, my name is Aji. (3)………………………

Rizki : Hi, my name is Rizki. Nice to meet you too.

a. How are you?

b. Good afternoon.

c. Nice to meet you.

d. Glad to see you.

e. See you later.

Faiz : I’m fine thank you and how about you?

Aji : (2)……………………………

Faiz : Oh, this is my friend, Rizki.

a. I’m fine too.

b. nice to meet you.

c. good to see you.

d. see you later.

e. good afternoon.

According to the weather report, it … going to be cloudy tomorrow.

a. Is

b. Am

c. Are

d. Was

e. Were

Tata is a new member of Teratai English Club. She introduced herself

Tata : Ladies and gentlemen………………

a. Allow me to introduce myself.

b. I am happy to meet you.

c. Let me introduce you to the audiences.

d. May I introduce you to the audiences.

e. Nice to meet you

Wulan : What is Susan doing?

Citra : She (cook) fried rice.

a. She is cooking fried rice

b. She cooking fried rice

c. She cooks fried rice

d. She is cooks fried rice

e. she was cooked by rice

They … studying English right now.

a. Is

b. Am

c. Are

d. Was

e. Were

……. patient, please ! He will be here in a few seconds.

a. Do

b. Please !

c. Be

d. Not

e. Does

Fitra : What is Eka doing?

Linda : He (study) English.

The best of the Linda’s sentence is ………………

a. He studying English

b. He is studying English.

c. He studies English

d. He study English.

e. He studied English

Silahkan Pilih Mode Soal:

Cara Menggunakan : Baca dan cermati soal baik-baik, lalu pilih salah satu jawaban yang kamu anggap benar dengan mengklik / tap pilihan yang tersedia.

Tips : Jika halaman ini selalu menampilkan soal yang sama secara beruntun, maka pastikan kamu mengoreksi soal terlebih dahulu dengan menekan tombol "Koreksi" diatas.