Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs 2012/2013

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs 2012/2013

Mulai Latihan :

46. A. teacher                         

      B. janitor

      C. doctor

      D. chef

This text for the following question.

What the text mean?
A. Watch out! This tool can be corrosive if you touch it.
B. Remember! This material is made of corrosive subtance.
C. Be careful! The material can harm you.
D. Don’t touch the hand! It can damage your property.

What is the main idea of the secind paragraph?

A. Galen Nusantara area located next to the gate.

B. East Java’s tample is disolayed ini miniature size.

C. There are a lot of facilities ini Jatim Park.

D. The Sumberawan statue is a tourist object ini Jatim Park.

43. …

A. brougth                        

B. tried  

C. played           

D. showed

“….until it is lightly scrambled…” (step 2)

     The underlined refers to ….

A. oil                          

B. rice

C. salt

D. egg

The texs tells you about ….

A. a short sorry writing contest

B. an announcement on the secretary’s office

C. an entry to get the prizes of competition

D. a participant’s condition for telling stories

“….., hopefully you will understand ….”

The underlined word refers to all ….

A. students in the Arts and sciences Departement

B. students in Notheastern University

C. Undergraudates in Arts and sciences Departement

D. students of Arts and sciences and committe

What does Jatim Park offer?

A. A place Jl. Kartika no 2 East Java

B. A place for recreation and a study center.

C. 22 hectares land used for Kiai Hasan’s house

D. A sports center for family and students.

From the text, We know that ….

A. The writing must be submitted before December.

B. The story can be written in triple spaced.

C. The short can be a published one.

D. There are many prizes of winners.

45. A. surprisingly      

      B. accidentally  

     C. perfectly

     D. confidently

From the text, we can se that ….

A. the commite will not attend the diaolgue

B. every student of the departement is invited

C. the dialogue is only for special students only

D. there has not been any change on the dialogue schedule

How did’ftte yellow flower feel when the gardener took her home?

A. She felt gloomy.

B. She was very pleased.

C. She felt envy to her sister.

D. She took a pity on her sister

The timetable showed that ….

A. the route Onkhaluk – Thalalonkkleay has one trip

B. there are eight routes from Bangkok to other cities

C. the longest distances is Bangkok – Chantaburi

D. the cheapest fare is route Bangkok – Rayong

What is focus of the study at the course?

A. Teaching    

B. Reading                 

C. Writing      

D. Speaking

How showld you serve the fried the rice best? By …..

A. adding the scrambled egg.

B. stiring it for a few minutes.

C. adding 2 tablespoons oil.

D. serving 2 fried rice hot

From the text, we know that ….

A. Ojek passengers are mainly women

A. Ojek has replace becak;s functions

C. Ojek only operate in housing complexes

D. Ojek has fixed price for its routes

How many facilities can be enjoyed by visitors?

A. Two

B. Five

C. Twenty two

D. Thirty six

“Kown as the proclamator’ , he ….” (paragraph 1)

      The Underlined word means a person who ….

A. announces officially and publicly

B. is popular in Indonesia

C. helps President duty

D. leads a country an nation

Where did Lia go on Wednesday?

A. Taman Jurug

B. Tawangmangu

C. Grandparents’ house

D. Kusunanan palace.

What had started ojek to appear?

A. The goverenment control over ojek.

B. Bus servicesthat cover smaller road.

C. Becak were banned in 1994

D. New housing complexes were built.

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