Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs 2012/2013

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs 2012/2013

Mulai Latihan :

How did’ftte yellow flower feel when the gardener took her home?

A. She felt gloomy.

B. She was very pleased.

C. She felt envy to her sister.

D. She took a pity on her sister

44. A. ballon              

      B. flash              

      C. bulb

      D. glass

From the text, we know that the writer ….

A. Stated in a hotel with her grandparents

B. wewnt shopping to Klewer market on Tuesday

C. saw many kinds of histerical heritage on Wednesday

D. drove her grandparents’ home on Thursday morning

“…. type on a separate paper.”

    The underlined word means ….

A. defferent   

B. same

C. inclusive

D. similar

“…. because it originated in warm …” (paragraph 3, line 10)

The underlined word refers to ….

A. the flower              

B. the species 

C. the soil

D. the leaf

Where did Lia go on Wednesday?

A. Taman Jurug

B. Tawangmangu

C. Grandparents’ house

D. Kusunanan palace.

The man preffered the white chrysantheum to the yellow chrysantheum because ….

A. he wanted to give it to his lord

B. the white flower had to much style

C. the liked color of the flower

D. the white flower had simple beauty

The route that ha the earliest time to Bangkok is ….

A. Bangkok – Chantaburi

B. Bangkong – Rayong

C. Bangkok  – Kanchanaburi

D. Bangkok – Kamphaeng Phet

What does the text tell you?

A. Traditional cuisines of Solo.

B. Lia’s grandparetnts’ house

C. The Kusunanan palace.

D. Fun holiday in Solo

The first paragraph is about ….

A. A short biography of Dr. Mohammad Hatta

B. The struggle of Mohhammad Hatta againts the Dutch

C. The education of Mohammad Hatta in dutch School

D. The story of the struggle of Indonesia people

“Lighty beat the eggs…” (step 1)

       The underlined word means ….

A. crack          

B. mix            

C. fry              

D. cook

43. …

A. brougth                        

B. tried  

C. played           

D. showed

“….until it is lightly scrambled…” (step 2)

     The underlined refers to ….

A. oil                          

B. rice

C. salt

D. egg

What is the main idea of the secind paragraph?

A. Galen Nusantara area located next to the gate.

B. East Java’s tample is disolayed ini miniature size.

C. There are a lot of facilities ini Jatim Park.

D. The Sumberawan statue is a tourist object ini Jatim Park.

45. A. surprisingly      

      B. accidentally  

     C. perfectly

     D. confidently

“Kown as the proclamator’ , he ….” (paragraph 1)

      The Underlined word means a person who ….

A. announces officially and publicly

B. is popular in Indonesia

C. helps President duty

D. leads a country an nation

47. A. lazy                  

      B. proud            

     C. stupid

     D. diligent

What is focus of the study at the course?

A. Teaching    

B. Reading                 

C. Writing      

D. Speaking

From the text we know that ….

A. people don’t like the strong scent of flower

B. Gardenia is widespread J.n  Asia

C. the flower is easy to plant

D. the flower is expensive

Why was Mohammad Hatta called Bung Hatta?

A. To make him popular.

B. To addres colleagues.

C. To gain his education.

D. To find his name easily.

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