Latihan Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA 2015/2016

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA 2015/2016

Mulai Latihan :

foley’s business machines …

a. is given much capital
b. moves to other comfort location
c. sells new product of computer
d. contacts many electronic suppliers
e. is replaced by cheyenne’s leading office supply store

What does the beep signal you?

a. it alerts you that the food is ready
b. it alerts you that the food ready to process
c. it alerts you that the heating is on progress
d. it alerts you that this is the time to enjoy your food
e. it alerts you that the heating process is complete

woman: the weather is so hot today
man: i have got mineral water for you, glass or bottle?
woman: bottle please!
man: here you are
woman: upps! i can’t open this cup

what is the best response to the woman statement?

a. let’s do it
b. may i use it?
c. would you take it?
d. let me do it for you

it can be inferred the next that spruce goose …

a. was antique as it was used for only one time
b. was a prototype of a war cargo
c. becomes an artefact exhibited in california
d. was designed by US soldier
e. was made of less critical material during the war time

What was the cure for the illness?

a. jungle plant
b. the king’s spell
c. the king’s dream
d. the beautiful flower
e. pond’s water

the red mark should be filled with …

a. old
b. kind
c. passionate
d. wise
e. considerate

Man : I highly appreciate you for helping me chhose the right loan i ineed
Woman : My pleasure, Sir. I hope you can use the money to buy your dream house

What is the topic of the conversation?

a. asking for help
b. giving opinion
c. giving direction
d. expressing pleasure
e. expressing gratitude

“Not only should it promote tourism, but also restrict new development …” (paragraph 4)

the underlined word is closest meaning to …

a. ban
b. open
c. curb
d. limit
e. prohibit

This place is the most visited attraction in London. As is this the source of facination for many tourists. The palace is surrounded by park, some tree sude such gym park, green park and high park. There also a fourty eight garden on the palace ground complete statuary, pool and platform. Queen Elizabeth over looks the green park private suite, overlooks the green park a lovely tree line preserve of the following davodil in the spring.

which picture goes to the monologue?

for whom is evacuation necessary?

a. the residents living within 2.5 kilometer radius from the mountain peak
b. the people inhabiting outside the dangerous zone
c. the people staying alert with the current situation
d. the villager staying calm while the mountain is erupting
e. the residents having no houses within the dangerous zone

man: there would be an english speech delivered by students during the flag ceremony next monday
woman: really?
man: absolutely, what do you think?

what is the best response to the man question?

a. i believe it can improve the student english skill
b. i assume the flag ceremony is important
c. i like english speeches and raising flag
d. i think i can communicate in english

The main body for this animal is blue sceen in colour. It is long and slander with a long face that has black and white downit. The tail can take up more than of fourty percent of the overall body. It has a small bill there is very sharp ant the end the beak. The tail can be up to five feet in diameter and can way up the thirteen pound. The tail is consider as a treasures item when people found this animal in a round. It can be have two hundreds and from time to time a few will fall out.

Which picture matches with the description in the monologoe?

What will you do after putting the food into the microwave?

a. wait for the beeps sounds
b. connent to the electric cord into a socket
c. take out the food and enjoy it
d. press the power button
e. press the timer button

why did bethoven call guitar a miniature orchestra?

a. the guitar is the instrument of all time
b. the guitar is the oldest instrument
c. the guitar is the source of all music
d. the guitar produces the element of orchestra sounds
e. the sound of guitar is off-harmonious-colors sounds

What is expected by joan gonzales from monday’s newspaper?

a. to present information based on facts
b. to conduct more research
c. to fix the information given
d. to explain more about that school
e. to be responsible for that report

woman: where have you been. i haven’t seen you for two days
man: i have been sick since last sunday. i’ve got a terrible cold

what is the best response to the man?

a. that’s very kind of you
b. how lucky are you
c. i hope you will feel better soon
d. i’m very grateful to you

what are the factors that make the people agree to the tourist industry?

a. business, finance, culture and infrastucture
b. investment, community building, cultural understanding
c. business, development, investment and social
d. public fasilities, development, finance, social
e. finance, infrastructure, cultural understanding, community development

The letter shows Ms. Gonzalez’s strong disagreement with the newspaper’s claim that …

a. children from low-income families do not perform well i the official assessment
b. the poor students in her school fail in the national examination
c. her school only admit students from economically advantaged families
d. many of her students fail because of their parents’ low income
e. low-income children are not as good as high-income children

according to the text, why did the plane need eight engines to power?

a. it was very big and heavy and made of wood
b. it was very big and heavy and made of metal
c. it has the largest metal wingspan
d. it has the largest wooden wingspan
e. it was the largest cargo for the war

What is the main idea of paragraph two?

a. the cargo plane was made of metal
b. the large cargo was the US government’s plane
c. the US government requested to carry critical materials
d. howard hughes designed a plane to carry a critical material for wars
e. the plane was designed to carry a large cargo

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