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Latihan Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12 Tahun 2015

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12 Tahun 2015

Mulai Latihan :

23. ….

A. turning

B. Having

C. Changing

D. Getting

E. Enjoyying

Man : I have been working seven in the morning , and now i am so sleepy.

Woman : Why don’t you take a rest for a while

Narrator : How is the man feel ?

A. Sick

B. Tired

C. Sleepy

D. Thirsty

E. Hungry

We can infer from the text that ….

A. Pollsters may mislead people opinion

B. Polls can predict precisely about the voters

C. Polls are an effective way to do a political campaign

D. Voters may have chances to support the winning candidate earlier

E. The more people involved in a poll, the more reliabe the result will be

Man : Stop your  car. its dangerous

Woman : Is there something wrong wit my car

Man : you’ve got a flat tyre

Woman : Thank you

Narrator : Which picture to conversation ?

Paragraph 3 is about ….

A. Fruits skin is highly concentrated for resveratrol

B. Grapes are fruits for biological experiments

C. The benefical of reseratrol reduce the risk of heart attack

D. Resevatrol is representated by species of vaccinium fruits

E. Fruits ski gives measurements for reservatrol

 the msin idea of paragraph 2 is …

A. The human’s bodies will be harmful after consuming the formalin

B. The government has not controlled the use of formalin firmly

C. the weak control of using formalin is not threatening the human

D. The human’s bodies willl be harmful after consuming formalin

E. The use of formalin is known all ove the regions

What happened to the company on October 1st 2014 ?

A. It changed its name to softbank telecom Corp

B. It Built futher relationship with japan telkom

C. It developed its company’s infrastructure strength

D. it maximize its digital bussines platform

E. It changed the company’s  president and CEO

 Wat is th main Idea of the third paragraph ?

A. people do not live by their river for from reasons

B. Floods can be found at every bend and meander of a river

C. It is wise for people to leave the flood areas for the safety reason

D. floods happen when river flow over their capacity of waterway

E. People prfer abandon the areas near the river because of the threat of floods

Man : It is your birthday, what do you wish for ?

Narrator : What you say perfect respond of the girl

A. I hope to get the best score in the exam

B. My Mother had no time to cook dinner

C. I never celebrate my birthday

D. It’s lovely cake and i love it a lot

24. ….

A. Sadly

B. Gladly

C. Merrily

D. Joyfully

E. amusingly

What does Mr. Nagle SK Mr. Sung to do ?

A. To speak with Customer service Supervisor

B. To contact the Departement store

C. To wait for six to eight weeks

D. To ajdust his account balannce

E. To pay his bill immidiatelly

Softbank Group is ….

A. A tecnology & infrmation company

B. The group synergies company

C. the logo design company

D. the contents company

E. Japan company

The main idea of paragraph 2 is …

A. The use of internet can be very fatal

B. Internet has some advantages

C. People should not use Internet

D. Internet can make us lazy

E. Internet brings more harm than good

What the ambarawa called during the Ducth colonial ?

A. A miliatary city.

B. A railway museum

C. A new railway town

D. King Willem I station

E. Steam locomotives station

Man : How long have you been in the country?

Woman : Two weeks and it was amazing

Man : Where did you go ?

Woman : Finland for week, Scothland four days, and rest and island in England

Narrator : How long the woman up the country ?

A. One week

B. Two weeks

C. Three weeks

D. Four weeks

E. Five weeks

what did the beggar asked for?

A. The cooking pot

B. The stinginess

C. The new place

D. The wealth

E. Rice

 The text is mainly about ….

A. the project of the giant crystalline lagoons

B. The launc of the project buildings in the world

C. The project of the world largest man-made lagoon

D. The development of the lagoons in the world

E. The development of the giant crystalline lagoon

What is one of disadvantages of internet ?

A. it exposes children to violence

B. It helps us chat with our beloved ones

C. It help us communicate from far away

D. It steam our favourite radio broadcast

E. It sends to our E-mail from our smart phone.

Why did pak pesut asked his family to eat hot rice?

A. The family were hungry

B. It was the last rice they had

C. HE didn’t want the rice to be stolen

D. The rise was still fresh from the pot

E. PAk Pesut wished to share with the villagers

Man : Hi! Mita. where are you going ?

Woman: i am going to ten my friend wedding party

Man : What a beautiful gown. did you making it yourself?

Woman : No, my mom make it for me

Narrator : What would the probably say ?

A. your mom gave the dress to me

B. your dress is white isn’t it ?

C. you must buy the dress from that store

D. you look beautiful in the white gown.

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