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★ Ujian Semester 2 (UAS / UKK) Sejarah SMA Kelas 12

Untuk menandingi NATO, Uni Soviet membentuk pakta pertahanan yang disebut….
a. Comecon
c. Pakta Warsawa

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What Young Published Women are Thinking Saying and Going

(By: Sherry’s Handle and blue jean Press)

It’s wonderful inspirations book on young women’s issues. The topics covered are s varied starting from how to boots self-confindence and selfimage, to struggle, and to get succes. A colections of essays articles, and stories taken from a magazine by, from, and for young woman called blue jean. This book is so worthy to be read because it inspires yyoung women to be outspoken, independent and self-suistenable. Considering that the pop culture has promoted unrealistic and artificial lifestyle which young women are often victims, this book is a worthwhile alterative.

What might teh writer think about the book? He/She might think that the book ….

A. is Independent

B. Is too various in content

C. will give a lot of infrmation to young women

D. Is the only alternative

E. Will make teh youg woman become the victims

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