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★ Ujian Tengah Semester 2 Genap MID UTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10

One day I went to Bandung with my friend for a vacation. We went there on night bus. When arrived in Cianjur, the bus stopped for a rest. I got off the bus to get a cup of coffee, but my friend didn’t. He went to a mosque to pray. It took only a few minutes to pray, but went I came out again the bus was not there. It had gone! Shocked and confused. I asked the shopkeeper about the bus. She said that the bus had departed about five minutes ago.

I tried to call my friend on my cell phone, but the battery was running low. I couldn’t do anything but hope and pray. After several minutes, my wish came true. The bus came back! Got on the bus and walked to my seat. I was so ashamed when everybody on the looked at me. I could feel my face turned red.

I asked my friend why she didn’t tell the driver that I was still outside. “I did, I told him several times that you were outside, but he said that you were in the bus toilet because he saw a man going into the toilet,” my friend replied, laughing. The other passengers smiled at me. I was so embarrassed.

Why couldn’t the writer call his friend?
a. He didn’t bring his cell phone
b. The battery was running low
c. The writer’s cell phone was stolen
d. The writer’s cell phone was broken
e. There was not any signal in his cell phone

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Pernyataan berikut yang benar mengenai penyelenggara sistem pembayaran adalah….
a. penyelenggara sistem pembayaran satu-satunya di Indonesia adalah bank
b. Bank Indonesia menjadi satu-satunya penyelenggara sistem pembayaran
c. pihak-pihak swasta dilarang menjadi penyelenggara sistem pembayaran
d. penyelenggara sistem pembayaran bisa bank dan nonbank, seperti koperasi atau institusi jasa keuangan
e. e-wallet merupakan penyelenggara sistem pembayaran yang ada di Indonesia

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