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Spending Holiday in Ibiza
I went to Ibiza three years ago in the summer. I got there by plane from Valencia. The flight was short, only 30 minutes. I have never flown with a plane. It was great.
I got to the Ibiza Airport and took a taxi that carried me to the hotel. The hotel was in Santa Eulalia del Rio, 20 km from Ibiza town. It is a small and tourist town. The hotel was big. There were many rooms. It had a great swimming pool and several restaurants. I had breakfast and dinner in the hotel.
I went to the beach near hotel in the afternoon, I was too tired and relaxed on the beach. I saw beautiful beach with clear waters and white sand. It was wonderful landscapes, lovely coastal villages, it was fantastic.
One day I took a ship to Formentera. Sailing by ship was great. When I got to Formentera, I rented a motorbike to visit the island. Formentera is a small lovely island. I could see wonderful beach, sand dunes, and great landscapes. It was summer and there were many people there.
I didn’t go out at the night except the last day. I went to a disco in Ibiza near Ambosa Beach. It was a big disco but expensive. I spent much money there but I had a good time. I was too tired. I went to the bed latetly.
Spending holiday in Ibiza was wonderful. I think I will go back to Ibiza again, I really liked that place.

How did the writer explore Formen-tera?
a. By plane
b. By bus
c. By motorcycle
d. By car
e. By ship

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