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★ Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12

Kaka was born in Brazilia. From age 4 to 7, his family lived in Cuiaba, following his father, a civil engineer. At age 7, the family moved to the city of Sao Paulo, in the neighborhood of Morumbi, near the stadium of Sao Paulo FC. As FIFA says, ” Kaka fails to fit the Brazilian stereo type of the kid from the favela who first played the game in the street with a ball made from rags. Coming from comfortable and cultured family, Kaka kept up his studies as long as they were compatible with his profession.”

His talent was soon recognized. A professor called the family and suggested enrolling him in a football school. At age 8, Kaka was playing with Sao Paulo FC, where he succeeded in all categories. At age 14, Kaka used to wake up two hours early, to keep up with his studies. Kaka managed to conclude the intermediary cycle (eleven years) in Brazil, before dedicating exclusively to football.

In 2006, only 24 years old, Kaka was one of the main Brazilian players in the World Cup. Despite the abundance of good players, coach Carlos Alberto Parreira already said that Kaka would start as a principle. The groups formed by Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Adriano was called “the Magic Square” by Brazilian media fans.
“His talent was soon recognized” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word is closest in meaning to …

A. Predicted
B. Registered
C. Managed
D. Succeeded
 E. Identified

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Preview soal selanjutnya: Present Continuous Tense

________your sister washing her face now?

A. Are
B. is
C. am
D. Do

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