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★ Ujian Semester 2 (UAS / UKK) Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 11

Anybody who is over the age of six knows that there is nowhere safe for skateboarders to skate. This prevents young people from enjoying an active, energetic and adventurous past time.
Just watch a local street for a short while and note the steady stream of the skaters speeding up and down the footpaths. Toddlers can be trampled on and old ladies can be knocked down as they struggle home carrying their cat food from supermarket. Thunderous rattles are heard on our main roads each night as skaters travel without lights and without signs to oncoming cars.
Skateboarding is a serious sport that improves young’s people health. It increases fitness, improves balance and strengthens the joints knees and ankles. Although it appears to be a solo sport, when groups practice together and compete to perform stunts or runs they form firm friendships.
Young people should be prevented from becoming overweight couch potato. If they are actively involved in skating, they do not smoke, take drugs or break laws for fun.
Kids will always seek thrills and excitement. They need to practice their 180s, 360s and Ollie’s free from restrictions. We must build skate parks in the suburb so that streets are safe for small children and senior citizens and skaters have spaces, where they can race, chase, speed, and soar towards the sun.
Where do the kids usually ride their skateboard?
a. In the main roads and footpaths
b. In front of the supermarkets
c. In front of their home
d. In the parks
e. In the suburbs

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