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★ Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SMP / MTs Kelas 8

Adam’s Diary
May 2010
23 Sunday. When I got up, I felt ill, I went back to bed. Mum called the doctor. But he
couldn’t come, because he was ill too.
24 Monday. The doctor come at 11 O’clock. He wrote a prescription for some medicine.
Mum bought it in the drugstore. It was horrible. Yuck!
25 Tuesday. Dad bought me model aeroplane. I read the instructions, but I couldn’t make it,
because the dog ate the glue.
What happened at 23rd May to Adam?
a. He couldn’t come
b. He wrote a prescription
c. He felt ill
d. He was slipping

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Which is correct?

A. I chewed slowly as I thought about my decision; wanting nothing more than forever with Edward and the rest of the Cullens.
B. Bella was extremely angry when she learned the news; that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee.
C. Rose knew everything there was to know about cars; including Jacob’s VW Rabbit; she reluctantly helped him fix it.
D. Tyler was distraught after almost hitting Bella with his van; he tried everything he could think of to try and make it up to her.

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