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★ Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP / MTs Kelas 9


The cheetah is the fastest animal on land. It can run 100 kilometers an hour. It is now rare and is one of the animals which are in danger of extinction. Some people like to hunt them for getting its skin and sell it to create some interior accessories at home.
The cheetah has a small head and ears, and long, powerful legs. It always hunts and chases its prey on open ground.
This is a different way of hunting from the other “big cats.” They like to stay in and near trees to catch their prey. The cheetah is also different from other cats because it cannot draw in its claws.
Cheetah is now rare and is one of the animals which are in danger because ….
A. Lack of food
B. Short Life
C. The Hunting
D. Fighting each other

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Woman : You know what the deadline for handing my English asignment is today. But I cannot met my English teacher at school. What should i do ?

Narrator : What is the best respond the boy can make.

A. I am very sorry ti hear that

B. If i Where you, i would call her

C. You don’t have to handing over now

D. I Suggest you to obey the regulation

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