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Latihan Soal Soal Ujian Tengah Semester 2 Genap (MID/UTS) Bahasa Inggris SD/MI Kelas 6

Preview Soal Acak Soal Ujian Tengah Semester 2 Genap (MID/UTS) Bahasa Inggris SD/MI Kelas 6

Mulai Latihan :

You ask for your teacher’s permission to go to the toilet. You say ….
a. Shall I go to the toilet?
b. Should I go to the toilet ?
c. Will I go to the toilet?
d. May I go to the toilet?

Keep …. ! There is a test.
a. warm
b. noisy
c. silent
d. clean

Yola and Angga … playing in the school yard now.
a. Have
b. Is
c. Am
d. Are

Tobi : I am … , Sir. I come late.
Mr. Adi : It is okay. Please sit down.
a. Fine
b. Good
c. Thank you
d. Very sorry

A village chief leads a ….
a. village
b. district
c. subdistrict
d. municipality

Throw rubbish into the …. !
a. dustbin
b. river
c. ditch
d. floor

Mrs. Nora helps the doctor. She is a ….
a. teacher
b. nurse
c. secretary
d. patient

Putri … to Jakarta two days ago.
a. Go
b. Went
c. Goes
d. Going

Yogyakarta is a ….
a. village
b. regency
c. municipality
d. province

To inject the patient, the doctor uses a ….
a. thermometer
b. syringe
c. bandage
d. stretcher

Keep …. !
The teacher is explaining the lesson.
a. saying
b. silent
c. seeing
d. noisy

Vina is sick. She have to go to ….
a. the nurse
b. the teacher
c. the doctor
d. the police

Risma : …………… anyone my secret. Promise me.
Arif : Okay, I will not tell anyone.
a. Don’t talk
b. Don’t tell
c. Don’t speak
d. Don’t say

Nando feels very cool. He has a ….
a. fever
b. headache
c. eyesore
d. backache

Mr. Rizal orders Danu to be quiet.
He says ….
a. Let’s speak up !
b. Keep silent
c. Speak up !
d. Don’t keep silent

A king has a daughter. We call her ……………
a. Prince
b. Princess
c. Prime minister
d. Queen

We can buy vegetables, fruit, or noodles in the …
a. Bookstore
b. Fruit stall
c. Bakery
d. Grocery Shop

Hello, l am Gunawan. I am heathy. l eat nutritious food and drink. I get up at 04.45a.m. I have meals three times a day, breakfast in the moning, lunch at noon, and dinner in the evening. go to bed at 09.00 p.m. I go jogging every Saturday and Sunday aftemoon also practise football on Monday and Friday afternoon. I want to be a football player someday.

Gunawan wants to be a …. player someday.
a. tennis
b. badminton
c. footbal
d. basketball

The vehicle used to take the patient to the hospital is ……………
a. Motorcycle
b. Pedicab
c. Car
d. Ambulance

Lina : “Where is Nancy from?”
Sinta : “She is from England.”
Lina : :”Is England a republic?”
Sinta : “No, it is not. It is a kingdom.
Lina : “Who leads a kingdom?”
Sinta : “A king does.”

England is a ….
a. kingdom
b. republic
c. empire
d. province

Silahkan Pilih Mode Soal:

Cara Menggunakan : Baca dan cermati soal baik-baik, lalu pilih salah satu jawaban yang kamu anggap benar dengan mengklik / tap pilihan yang tersedia, lalu tekan "Koreksi" untuk mengetahui benar dan tidaknya jawaban kamu.

Tips : Jika halaman ini selalu menampilkan soal yang sama secara beruntun, maka pastikan kamu mengoreksi soal terlebih dahulu dengan menekan tombol "Koreksi" diatas.