Latihan Soal - SD/MI - SMP/MTs - SMA

Latihan Soal Ujian Tengah Semester 1 Ganjil (MID/UTS) Bahasa Inggris SD/MI Kelas 4

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Tengah Semester 1 Ganjil (MID/UTS) Bahasa Inggris SD/MI Kelas 4

Mulai Latihan :

The younger brother of our father is our ….
a. aunt
b. uncle
c. grandfather
d. grandson

Spoon is a thing which is used to help us when we are ….
a. reading
b. walking
c. speaking
d. eating

We can speak because we have a ….
a. nose
b. ear
c. mouth
d. hand

This is a ….

a. pillow
b. blanket
c. bolster
d. calendar

Our parents are ….
a. father and mother
b. brother and sister
c. grandfather and grandmother
d. uncle and aunt

Silahkan duduk!
a. Write this down!
b. Sit down, please!
c. Read this, please!
d. Open the door, please!

We can put all the things in our bag, except ….
a. books
b. pens
c. ruler
d. chair

Olla cleans the table by using ….
a. a duster
b. a broom
c. a brush
d. a rubber

We can keep our clothes in the ….
a. cupboard
b. blackboard
c. freezer
d. wall

Generally the leather of a family is ….
a. teacher
b. head master
c, president
d. father

Rani : What are you doing?
Adji : I am painting my ….

    a. room
    b. fence
    c. door
    d. floor

Father needs …. to read the newspaper
a. mirror
b. glass
c. glasses
d. telescope

The carpenter makes … from the wood.

   a. a floor
   b. a cupboard
   c. a window
   d. a house

The son of our uncle is our ….
a. nephew
b. niece
c. cousin
d. sister

Is it a pencil?

  a. Yes, it is
  b. Here it is
  c. No, it isn’t
  d. I don’t like

Cikita : “….”?
Meydi :” I live in Kediri:.
a. Where are you
b. How old are you
c. What is your name
d. Where do you live

Jack : Good bye, Reno.
Reno : ….
a. See you tomorrow
b. Good bye Jack
c. Have a nice day
d. Good afternoon

Armando is going to school by ….
a. ball
b. box
c. bicycle
d. basket

Lina needs a watch to know ….
a. the place
b. the time
c. the area
d. the direction

Student writes on the blackboard by using ….
a. pencil
b. chalk
c. stick
d. eraser

Silahkan Pilih Mode Soal:

Cara Menggunakan : Baca dan cermati soal baik-baik, lalu pilih salah satu jawaban yang kamu anggap benar dengan mengklik / tap pilihan yang tersedia, lalu tekan "Koreksi" untuk mengetahui benar dan tidaknya jawaban kamu.

Tips : Jika halaman ini selalu menampilkan soal yang sama secara beruntun, maka pastikan kamu mengoreksi soal terlebih dahulu dengan menekan tombol "Koreksi" diatas.