Latihan Soal - SD/MI - SMP/MTs - SMA

Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2013/2014

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2013/2014

Mulai Latihan :

Apa warna kesukaan kamu?

Translate into English!

a. What is your favorite color?

b. What is you favorite color?

c. What your is favorite color?

d. What you is favorite color?

Jaja : “… will you come to my house?”

Ahmad : “I will come on the third of December”

a. What

b. When

c. Where

d. Who

What’s day before Saturday?

a. It is Friday

b. It is Monday

c. It is Tuesday

d. It is Sunday

Mimin : “… have a cup of milk”

Siti : “Please!”

a. May I

b. Where

c. What

d. Excuse me

X : “… is your father”

Y : “He is 70 years old”

a. How old

b. How much

c. What

d. How many

Look at the picture below!

They are…

a. reading

b. playing

c. listening

d. dancing

X : “Where is that?”

Y : “That’s in the…”

a. library

b. classroom

c. bank

d. mosque

My name is Dani. I spell my name is…

a. di-ei-en-i

b. di-a-en-ai

c. di-e-en-ei

d. di-ei-en-ai

 Dinda : “How does Maman goes to school?”

Maman : “He… to school by bicycle”

a. going

b. went

c. go

d. goes

Surya : “What can we do at the beach?”

Sodi : “…”

a. Swimming

b. Cooking

c. Sleeping

d. Hiking

My father will go to Sauid Arabia by…

a. train

b. bus

c. car

d. plane

X : “I want to drink”

Y : “You can take the juice on the table”

X : “…”

a. Ok

b. Please

c. Thank you

d. Excuse me

Who is she? She is my… (mama/ibu)

a. mom

b. father

c. sister

d. aunt

Juju : “… is your mother’s job?”

Mumun : “She is secretary”

a. Who

b. Where

c. What

d. When

X : “… tables do you have?”

Y : “I have two tables”

a. How many

b. How

c. What

d. How much

Rina : “… are you today?”

Endung : “I am fine, thank you”

a. Where

b. What

c. How

d. When

Mimin : “We can not enter this door… find another one?

Minto : “Ok”

a. Please

b. Sorry

c. Shall we

d. Excuse me

Susi : “Can you give some foods? I am…”

Yanti : “Here you are”

a. sleepy

b. hungry

c. thirsty

d. tired

Piping : “… glass do you like?”

Mimin : “I like the white glass”

a. Which

b. What

c. Where

d. Why

The students borrow book in the…

a. library

b. laboratory

c. office

d. school garden

Silahkan Pilih Mode Soal:

Cara Menggunakan : Baca dan cermati soal baik-baik, lalu pilih salah satu jawaban yang kamu anggap benar dengan mengklik / tap pilihan yang tersedia.

Tips : Jika halaman ini selalu menampilkan soal yang sama secara beruntun, maka pastikan kamu mengoreksi soal terlebih dahulu dengan menekan tombol "Koreksi" diatas.